Welcome to the Tides of Atlantis

As many already know, my first professionally-published fiction story was 2015’s The Dolphin Riders (you can find the background here), inspired by a mockumentary.  However, it’s neither the first “future flooded Earth” story I wrote nor the first in what’s become a sequence of stories.  So, I thought I’d give you all a peek into what’s come to be so far and what’s yet to take shape.

The very first story I wrote in this series was The Sand and the Foam, which after countless drafts has yet to be published.  But that’s fine!  The submit-reject-revise grind provided perfect opportunity to craft the story I truly wanted to tell, and I’m good with self-publishing this one.  Which leads to my next point.

In 2019 I’ll have all the rights to my stories previously published by third parties, as well as new stories completed.  My goal for now is to assemble a collection of 10 “future flooded Earth” tales, some involving merfolk and some not but all threaded together–even referencing each other.  I’m thinking a sort of ‘doomed-Earth Martian Chronicles‘, offering perspective on a post-flooded planet from various angles and agencies.

Without further ado, here’s how the table of contents currently appears:

  1. Strangers to the Land
  2. Isla de Las Munecas
  3. Taste of the Broken Sea**
  4. Innocent Ivory [working title]
  5. My Private Siren*
  6. The City that Never Sleeps*
  7. Anytime She Goes Away**
  8. The Dolphin Riders**
  9. The Sand and the Foam*
  10. Phoenix of the Fated Waters

I’m excited by the diversity here.  I tried a variety of voices and styles, as well as genres.  So don’t expect straightforward fantasy or science fiction!  I have especially high hopes for Strangers to the Land  (in progress); I’m trying to draw inspiration from Ernest Hemingway for it.

Anyway, if I can’t get a publisher to take this on, it may well become my first self-published work.  Look for this collection some time in 2019!  And if you want to beta read anything, hit me up!

* completed
** published

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