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Karma Garden

Published in DWL’s Papercuts Magazine, 2017:

Shortlisted for Desi Writers’ Lounge 2016 short stories contest:

The Dolphin Riders

Available in the Sirens anthology from World Weaver Press:

Received Honorable Mention award, 2015 Texas Observer fiction contest (not published; listed below winning story):


These sirens must have been living in places we couldn’t see, before the big flood, he whispers over the crackling fire.  Maybe not the open sea itself, but in watery caverns.  Maybe the tsunamis ruined their homes, too.

Legend has it we have always been at odds.  That our forefathers killed them when they could.  Their descendants are bold now, riding in the daytime, because they quit fearing what’s left of us.

Roberto huffs out a held breath, sits back, and nervously feeds a twig to the grasping flames.  Glowing eyes around him grow wide in a combination of speculation and disbelief.  Finally Paulo speaks again, with just a shade of his usual insolence,

They call sailors to their doom, ‘berto.  You included.


Mexico: Poll Control

Exquisite Corpse Issue 8, Spring 2001 (satire):