My writing is largely character-driven.

As a youthful wallflower I had to discreetly study others to understand how society expects us all to act.  I never completely got the hang of doing it, and you’ll realize that if you meet me, but the outcome of these observations is that I can objectively enter the worlds of other people and borrow from their experiences.  Hopefully you will find yourself or someone you know in the results.

I am a huge student of dialog, of the tones and twists and subtle shadings so often lost when we talk past each other.  I find that I can become engrossed in a piece like Silver Linings Playbook repeatedly for the joy of messy, painful, beautiful character conversations alone.

I strive to be responsible in my work.  I’m not out to incite riots, but I do desperately want to inspire critical thought.  My writing should challenge your preconceived notions, and if it fails, feel free to challenge me.

I also enjoy music, solid modeling, graphic illustration, pastels, clay sculpture and whatever else looks interesting.  I’ll commit poetry when I have nothing else to do.

This page subject to spontaneous evolutions.