Greetings, and welcome to Unsettled Space!

I’ve been writing at various channels over the years, largely at my home domain,, and recently I’ve decided to get serious about my fiction.  Not the little white lies, but the really big ones I’m willing to commit to print.

I had flirted with the idea of blending everything together at, but lately I realized that readers interested in the creative stuff could be better served with a dedicated domain.  After hours of checking and thesaurus abuse, I settled on, well, Unsettled Space.  Larry Niven has Known Space; I’ll take the messy parts.

I’m going to begin with a trilogy-in-progress, called Bookworlds.  This will be a collection of novelettes covering a somewhat-distant future.  In true Star Wars fan fashion, I started in the middle with the dystopian SF romance Downtime.  That novelette is almost complete as I write this, and I’ll be providing first drafts to certain people for feedback.

Next, I’ll step back and do the prequel, Incidental Winters.  Finally, the series will wind up with Unsettled Space.  I’ll either do original art for these works or commission someone like Alison Jardine of Dallas.  I will release the stories individually (as e-books) and as a single book (maybe a paperback version for this).  After that: on to new territory!

Expect to see a few articles I’ve previously published elsewhere.  I’ll also feature occasional music, art and design I’ve done, and would love to showcase the works of others as well.  On that last note, I’m hopeful to eventually attract guest essays, so let me know if you’re interested!

More to come.


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