This is a subject I should have addressed years ago, when I first got into public speaking, and I owe a very special individual for prompting me about it in a late night text chat. I am dyslexic. Everyone who knows I write professionally has expressed surprise at that revelation.  Because they see the printed page, the… Read More

Not long ago my third published story, Karma Garden, appeared in Papercuts Magazine.  It was an exciting accomplishment for me in a number of ways.  You can read it online here, and I’ll take this opportunity to share some background.… Read More

I can’t believe I’m writing this article.  I’m anything but naive, but I want to believe that all submitting writers know better than to commit the career-killing errors I’m about to address. And yet, here I am having to point out the patently obvious, because there are writers out there putting editors and slush readers… Read More

When it comes to ad hoc debate, you can be certain of two things: It will escalate At some late point, someone will invoke a civilizing principle Very often said principle will address one or more logical fallacies, and with good reason: they’re cheap and easy.  Humans are largely averse to complexity and we fall upon fallacy, logical or… Read More

In its usual randomly informative way, Twitter just let me know this is Shark Week and I instantly cringed. I’ve always had a severe fear of sharks.  This may or may not be rational.  From childhood I had to periodically hear how my birth father narrowly escaped the jaws of, well, Jaws.  It’s programming that… Read More

I just watched Mad Max: Fury Road last night and it changed everything. First, about the movie.  I went in with high expectations.  And why not?  Like many, I’ve impatiently awaited a new Max fix for decades.  Meanwhile, uberdirector George Miller fought an artist’s lifetime of development hell to get this hyperbolic tribute to dystopian auto… Read More

The anonymity of the Internet fosters a great deal of boasting.  One of my nephews likes the term “e-penis effect” due to the fact that it seems to be a largely (crass pun intended) male phenomenon. This well-meaning male has occasionally blundered into a bit of controversy on the subject, specific to twitter followers.  It… Read More

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, and a rather large one at that, you’re aware of a growing trend toward political polarization in the US.  For that matter, much of the world.  Political identities have long been ascribed to geographic regions: California is liberal, its neighbor Arizona is conservative, etc etc etc.  But until recent… Read More

I feel a little twinge of jealousy every time a friend in Tampere, Finland tweets about another fun collaborative endeavor or exciting new start-up venture.  Sympathy for many who lost lucrative careers with cell phone giant Nokia turned to admiration as some rebounded quickly, plugged into the can-do Finnish culture and started making novel things… Read More

When I was in sixth grade a new friend introduced me to a door to an amazing world: The comic book. And while he wanted to go exploring in a neighboring field, something I did all the time at home, I wanted to hunker down and plow through his deep, dog-eared collection.  With wide eyes… Read More